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  1. Creed ( Creed Bratton ) until the conflict is resolved.
  2. Actors Creed Bratton, Rashida Jones, and Bobby Ray Shafer guest star.
  3. Actor and musician Creed Bratton voices the character Phlannel Boxingday in " Lemonhope ".
  4. Creed Bratton and Warren Entner were in the audience that night and saw Coonce play.
  5. The real Creed Bratton was 64 at the time the episodes were filmed and aired.
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  7. It is furthermore suggested that " Creed Bratton " is not his real name, either.
  8. Creed ( Creed Bratton ) to help, and further convinces Andy that the conspirators intend to kill him.
  9. The passport indicates that he was born on February 8, 1943, the real Creed Bratton's birthdate.
  10. In 2001 and 2002, he worked on Creed Bratton's on Bratton's first three solo albums.
  11. The script received several laughs from the cast and producers specifically for lines read by Creed Bratton and Kathy Bates.
  12. Confusion may arise from the fact that the character is played by the musician of the same name, Creed Bratton.
  13. A new group was brought in for this album which included Creed Bratton, Rick Coonce, Warren Entner and Rob Grill.
  14. The episode featured recurring guest stars Helms, Creed Bratton, Rashida Jones, Wayne Wilderson, Mike Bruner, and Ursula Burton.
  15. The episode ends when Creed ( Creed Bratton ) is seen leaving the blood mobile with a bag of donated blood in his coat pocket.
  16. Creed Bratton, from The Day of the Jackal the would-be assassin assumes the identity of a deceased person to hide his movements from the authorities.
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