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  1. In October 2015 Revolution acquired Cross Creek Pictures'50 % interests in feature films " The Ides of March ".
  2. Hammer Film Productions, along with Cross Creek Pictures and Exclusive Media Group, optioned the film rights and John Hilary Shepherd is writing the screenplay.
  3. The financiers include H黵th-based action concept Film-und Stuntproduktion, Egoli Tossell Film, Revolution Films ( GB ) and Cross Creek Pictures ( US ).
  4. Shortly after the launch of the software, Elias raised an additional $ 1.6 million in 2013 from investors including, Cedric the Entertainer and Tommy Thompson of Cross Creek Pictures.
  5. In November 2016, Shore was set to direct an historical epic film for Cross Creek Pictures, titled " The Great Game, " from the original screenplay by Bryan McMullin.
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  7. After the production start date of November 6, 2013 had passed, Cross Creek Pictures and Walden Media joined the production on November 12, 2013, and financed the film with $ 65 million.
  8. Path?will distribute the film in France and the UK, whilst Warner Bros ., in collaboration with Brian Oliver's Cross Creek Pictures will distribute it in the US and the remaining territories.
  9. Co-produced by Joe Roth, Marc E . Platt, Nolan, Emma Thomas and Cross Creek Pictures's 65mm IMAX film and standard 65mm film in order to achieve maximum image quality and immersion.
  10. "' Cross Creek Pictures "'is an American film production studio formed in 2009 . Their first production was the acclaimed " Universal Pictures, where the studio would release at least six of Cross Creek's productions over the following 3 years.
  11. The following year, the company raised an additional $ 1.6 million from Cross Creek Pictures founding partner Tommy Thompson, and Samih Toukan and Hussam Khoury, founders of Maktoob, an Arab Internet services company purchased by Yahoo ! for $ 164 million in 2009.
  12. Speakers have included : Claudia Bl黰huber ( CEO, Silver Reel Partners AG ), Marc Butan ( Principal, MadRiver Pictures ), David Glasser ( COO, The Weinstein Company ), Nicolas Chartier ( CEO, Voltage Pictures ), Georges A . Kern ( CEO, IWC Schaffhausen ), Ben Kramer ( Film Finance Agent, CAA ), Pierre-Ange Le Pogam ( Principal, Stone Angels ), Nick Meyer ( CEO, Sierra / Affinity ), Brian Oliver ( President, Cross Creek Pictures ), Helge Sasse ( CEO, Senator Entertainment ), Michael Shamberg ( Principal, Masproduction ), Greg Shapiro ( Principal, Kingsgate Films ), Roeg Sutherland ( Co-Head of Film Finance and Sales, CAA ), Christopher Woodrow ( CEO, Vendian Entertainment ).


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