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  1. Hiking Colorado : Holy Cross Wilderness Area, a hiking guide by Kim Fenske, provides a description of Cross Creek Trail.
  2. "' Cross Creek Trail "'is a hiking trail in the northern Sawatch Range, part of the Rocky Mountains in the U . S . state of Colorado.
  3. Cross Creek Trail follows Cross Creek south from a trailhead elevation of 8, 550 feet, 12 miles to a junction at 11, 300 feet, with the trail up Savage Peak to Treasure Vault Lake.
  4. A loop of Holy Cross Ridge can be completed in approximately five days of backpacking from the Cross Creek Trailhead, up Cross Creek Trail, over Fancy Pass to Fancy Lake, then north to Holy Cross City.
  5. Holy Cross Wilderness hiking trails include Nolan Lake Trail, Lake Charles Trail to Lake Charles and Mystic Island Lake, New York Mountain Trail, Dead Dog Trail, Middle Lake Trail, Beaver Lake Trail to Beaver Lake and Turquoise Lake, Fancy Lake Trailhead in person ( or Fancy Creek Trailhead as the maps say ) Grouse Lake Trail, West Grouse Creek Trail, Martin Creek Trail, Notch Mountain Trail, Half Moon Pass Trail to Mount of the Holy Cross, Tuhare Lakes Trail, and Cross Creek Trail to Treasure Vault Lake and Blodgett Lake.
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