cs army造句


  1. Albert Kesselring, the German C-in-C Army Command South.
  2. The other variety of CS Army uniform jackets and coats is the Zouave.
  3. During the Great War Potter was a CS Army major assigned to Army of Northern Virginia intelligence.
  4. Though often singled out by Featherston as " the " example of the nepotism and conservatism which had crippled the CS Army during the war, Stuart remained silent until 1923.
  5. But in the aftermath of a failed assassination attempt at the 1936 Richmond Olympics, Featherston's popularity was such that he felt the time had come to shake up the CS Army's leadership.
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  7. Members of all the Confederate States military forces, to include the Army, the Navy and the Marine Corps were often referred to as " Confederates ", and members of the CS Army were referred to as " Confederate soldiers ".
  8. On the afternoon of April 2, 1865 as Richmond was being evacuated, LT Parker received the order to have the midshipman and faculty assembled at the Danville Depot by 6pm and to report to the Quartermaster General of the CS Army.
  9. Seventh Vermont was part of Gen . Gordon Granger's Siege of Spanish Fort, a battle at Whistler, Alabama, and the surrender of the CS Army of Mobile at Citronelle, Ala . During the Siege of Spanish fort the 7th was assigned to the siege of Ft.
  10. The commander of the battery, Capt . William Pratt Parks, ( CS Army ) had discovered the Union signal code, and when he intercepted a message describing " Cincinnati " s mission, he had the guns re-assembled during the night and concealed them in brush.
  11. He was among those who rallied in support of Featherston's continued presidency in 1939 ( supporting the overturning of the law that limited a Confederate President to one six-year term ), and enrolled his sons in the Hitler Youth-like Freedom Youth Corps; when the war began, they would go into the CS Army.


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