cultivated pasture造句

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  1. It provides vocational training in cultivated pastures, dairying, pigs and fodder crops.
  2. Moose frequently browse on cultivated pastures and fields of oat and rape, all of which are heavily limed by farmers,
  3. Cultivated pastures make up the main use of the soil with 160, 400 ha, representing 80 % of the total area of the municipality.
  4. "Extensive " raising of livestock grazes the animals on natural or cultivated pastures, whereas " intensive " raising of livestock is based in fodder rather than pasture.
  5. Most of the cultivated pasture land was abandoned and returned to the Japanese government from 1966-1977, as climate conditions in the area were not conducive to good crop yield.
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  7. Native to Burundi, Rwanda and Eastern Congo, where it derives its common name, this forage crop has now been naturalised throughout the humid tropics with four " Brachiaria " species now covering as much as 85 % of the cultivated pastures of Brazil.


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