cumbrian newspapers造句


  1. One of its principal subsidiaries however is still known as " Cumbrian Newspapers Ltd ".
  2. The company was formerly known as the Cumbrian Newspapers Group Ltd but changed its name to reflect the fact that is no longer primarily a newspaper publisher.
  3. ""'Cumbrian Newspapers Group Ltd v Cumberland & Westmorland Herald Newspaper & Printing Co Ltd " "'[ 1986 ] BCLC 286 is a UK company law case concerning variation of the class rights attached to shares.
  4. It was originally owned by Ponteland Observer Ltd, a company belonging to Michael Sharman, its first editor, who was at the same time editor of the " Hexham Courant " owned by Cumbrian Newspapers Ltd . Unlike other paid-for weeklies in Northumberland it was a tabloid and was not part of a larger newspaper group.
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