1. The name is Cumbrian dialect for " At the mills ".
  2. They were later joined by the Cumbrian second row Douglas Clark.
  3. Burridge grew up in the Cumbrian mining village of Great Clifton.
  4. In all he made 376 League appearances for the Cumbrian club.
  5. Her poems, collected in 1842, depicted Cumbrian life and manners.
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  7. M醗l Coluim seems to be the last member of the Cumbrian dynasty.
  8. The War in Iraq has seen the deaths of two Cumbrian servicemen.
  9. These versions restore the original " Cumbrian " song titles.
  10. The tower is the final one known in the Cumbrian frontier system.
  11. It is succeeded ( overlain ) by the Cumbrian Coast Group
  12. This evidence perhaps explains how Cumbrian stone axes found their way to Orkney.
  13. The station is an unstaffed request stop on the scenic Cumbrian Coast Line.
  14. One of the last recorded members of the Cumbrian royal dynasty was Welsh.
  15. They were led by Pinkie Cleugh no doubt included Cumbrian forces as well.
  16. It is on the River Lune south of the Cumbrian town Kirkby Lonsdale.
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