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  1. Dan Ford, 9, took a decidedly unromantic view of the exhibit.
  2. Dan Ford continued his rather fine LCS with a single that put the tying run at third.
  3. The Orioles cut the lead to one in the sixth on a solo homer by Dan Ford.
  4. Oakland reacquired Bourque following the 1974 season, trading Dan Ford and a minor leaguer to the Twins.
  5. The Angels jumped out to the early lead when Dan Ford homered in the top of the first.
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  7. The previous record of eight was held by four players-- Chili Davis, Bobby Grich, Dan Ford and Jim Fregosi.
  8. For the second straight day, Dan Ford hit a first-inning solo homer to give the Angels a 1 0 lead.
  9. The Yanks won the game, 11-4, but Minnesota Twins outfielder Dan Ford hit the first homer in the modern Stadium.
  10. And the last wave of guys included Chet Lemon, Darryl Strawberry, Dan Ford, Eddie Murray, Ozzie Smith, George Hendricks, Eric Davis,
  11. Carew won his seventh Roy Smalley hit 19 HR and collected 77 RBI . Dan Ford hit 11 HR and collected 82 RBI.
  12. Dan Ford, his grandson, was researching a biography, and Hepburn talked to ( John ) Ford on tape to help prod his memory.
  13. In February 2006, Dan Ford, from Wareham in Dorset, received permanent scarring to his face after being sprayed with CS during an arrest by police.
  14. Players from that team in attendance included Don Aase, Jim Anderson, Ralph Botting, Rod Carew, Tommy Donohue, Dan Ford, Dave Frost, Bobby Grich and Ike Hampton.
  15. -- Northeast Utilities ( NU ) was downgraded to medium-term " neutral " from " accumulate " by analyst Dan Ford at Merrill Lynch & Co.
  16. Molina, who went 4 for 4 on Wednesday, broke the previous record of eight held by held by Chili Davis, Bobby Grich, Dan Ford and Jim Fregosi.
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