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  1. Coventry defender David Busst headed home a John Salako corner three minutes into the second half.
  2. David Busst headed the Sky Blues ahead five minutes before half time after a flick on by Peter Ndlovu.
  3. Next to last Coventry strengthened its chances of survival by downing Everton 2-1 thanks to goals from defender David Busst and striker Noel Whelan.
  4. A second minute strike by Chris Armstrong and an own goal by Sky Blues defender David Busst put Spurs into a strong position at Highfield Road.
  5. In October 2014, Petrov began playing again for his local Sunday League Over-35s side Wychall Wanderers who were managed by former Coventry City player David Busst.
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  7. Noel Whelan fired Coventry ahead two minutes but an own goal by David Busst and another strike by Gary Flitcroft turned the game Manchester City's way.
  8. David Busst, whose horrific collision in April with Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel left him with a badly damaged leg, said Thursday he is retiring from soccer.
  9. Coventry's David Busst was sent off for professional foul in the 18th minute and Iain Baird fired home a free kick a minute later 1-0 to give Plymouth the lead.
  10. The game at Old Trafford was only 81 seconds old when Coventry defender David Busst collided with United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel and collapsed with blood pouring from an apparently broken leg.
  11. Zimbabwean striker Peter Ndlovu was one of the five scorers, the others being David Busst, Dion Dublin, David Rennie and John Salako as the Sky Blues repeatedly cut through the Rovers defense.
  12. Defender David Busst was on target in the 58th minute, heading home from Kobi Jones'cross following a rapid break down the right side by the American World Cup star . 17, 251.
  13. The last time Cantona wore a United shirt was Friday in a testimonial game for Coventry defender David Busst, whose leg was shattered in a Premier League match against the Reds last season.
  14. Noel Whelan netted in Leeds'1-0 home victory over Nottingham Forest, Garry Flitcroft and substitute Uwe Rosler gave Manchester City a 2-0 home triumph over Wimbledon, and defender David Busst scored the lone goal in Coventry's 1-0 win at West Ham.
  15. During this time they claimed three more league titles, after the last of which they stepped up to the Coventry City player David Busst led them to promotion to the Premier Division but the club was relegated straight back down after just one season.
  16. His final competitive game came against West Ham on 11 May 1997, and his final appearance before retiring was five days later on 16 May in a testimonial for David Busst ( whose career had been ended by an injury suffered against Manchester United the previous year ) against Coventry City at Highfield Road.


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