defensive positioning造句

"defensive positioning"是什麽意思   


  1. The enemy has strengthened their defensive position .
  2. Our troops took up defensive positions on high ground overlooking the river .
  3. When the ball goes up , get in good defensive position ,
  4. Our troops took up defensive positions on high ground overlooking the river
  5. Only a handful of commandos could infiltrate into the enemy ' s defensive positions
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  7. Mouse in the right side box to select your defensive position , and click the decision button
  8. The defensive positions of first base , second base , third base , and shortstop considered as a unit
  9. The evening before the battle , wellington took up a defensive position along , and to the rear of , a long ridge
  10. Third , india has needlessly retreated to a more and more defensive position , bringing itself under greater chinese pressure
  11. That strength in the central defensive positions is something we have wanted for a long time , going back to when gary pallister and steve bruce left
  12. Exceptions to this do exist , notably for hard - working players moving into more defensive positions as they get older , however these are fairly rare
  13. The three towers that anchor the corners of the triangular fortress have been hollowed out on many levels , to offer a variety of defensive positions
  14. This means large - scale mobile warfare , and not positional warfare depending exclusively on defence works with deep trenches , high fortresses and successive rows of defensive positions
  15. Instead of facing the expected beach and gentle slope they found themselves at the bottom of steep cliffs , offering the few turkish defenders an ideal defensive position
  16. Given this formation , if the man must lift , it is safest to lift straight , so that his partner would be closer to her cross - court defensive position
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