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  1. The next column covers defensive programming techniques in c , and explains why certain system calls are problematic and what to do instead
    超過了限制的次數后,攻擊者當然會在電話中說: “我記不住口令! ” 。
  2. We ll also discuss less - common attacks - such as man - in - the - middle attacks - that you can avoid with defensive programming
    我們也將討論比較少見的攻擊(諸如第三者攻擊( man - in - the - middle ) ) ,以便您可以透過防護性程式設計來加以避免。
  3. Microsoft lists a dozen reasons for application crashes ; my favorite is the absence of ' defensive programming . ' coders , just like freeway drivers , shouldn ' t assume other people are doing their jobs correctly
    微軟羅列了十多個應用程序崩潰的可能原因,我最認同的一項是缺乏“防御性編程” ,程序編寫員就像是高速公路上的駕駛員,他們不能想當然地認為其他人都能把自己的工作做好。
  4. Sockets programming is easy and enjoyable , especially if you avoid introducing bugs or at least make them easy to find by considering the five common pitfalls described in this article , in addition to standard defensive programming practices
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