defensive publishing造句


  1. Such disclosure, known as defensive publishing, is an increasingly common tactic for protecting intellectual property.
  2. Defensive publishing, by comparison, can be done for a fraction of the cost and with relatively informal paperwork.
  3. Many major corporations have long pursued the defensive publishing strategy by putting out bulletins or publishing descriptions of their innovations in trade journals.
  4. The advent of searchable online databases that are available to patent examiners searching for prior art has made defensive publishing more accessible to a range of companies.
  5. While Plantronics has used defensive publishing to protect just that one invention so far, for other companies, the method has become a common feature in their intellectual property strategies.
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  7. Despite the growing interest in defensive publishing, the technique does carry the risk that rivals will learn about a company's innovations and adapt them to their own competitive ends.
  8. In the case of the microphone noise-reduction technology, defensive publishing was simply a cheaper, faster alternative to patenting one invention that was not part of the company's core business.
  9. In the last six months, for example, Rich Products, a food company in Buffalo with $ 1.6 billion in annual sales, has responded to the rising use of patents in its industry by becoming more serious about defensive publishing.
  10. "We read about defensive publishing and thought that for this new product, publishing was the way to go instead of having somebody take our idea and patent it out from under us, " said Robert Maron, product manager for Nutter.


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