defensive rampart造句


  1. Defensive ramparts and moats were completed and by 1177 St . Clemens Church had been built.
  2. By 1542, Portsmouth was surrounded by defensive ramparts and towers built from earth and wood.
  3. The largest camp structure is a square that encloses about with a defensive rampart and ditch.
  4. Unfortunately the English arrived first, destroying the defensive ramparts, before he could reach the lines.
  5. Although it was a residential palace, it had defensive ramparts and moats typical of a castle.
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  7. The defensive ramparts includes a partially maintained fourth line to the north and a pair of moats.
  8. An external defensive rampart occupies the higher ground to the south of the castle above the neck ditch.
  9. The buildings along Vestergade were the first outside the western defensive ramparts and formed the first civilian settlement.
  10. Far from a defensive rampart, it is a " northward invasion bridgehead, " he said.
  11. Further construction of a castle-monastery complex and defensive ramparts were built between the 10th to 12th century AD.
  12. The defensive ramparts of the fort, and two round barrows dating from the early Bronze Age, can be seen.
  13. For that it was extended with the construction of several defensive ramparts, in order to create room for troops to be quartered.
  14. The Turks fortified the city, building towers, gates, and defensive ramparts that give Podgorica the appearance of an oriental military city.
  15. This Iron Age hill fort has impressive triple defensive rampart and ditches on its south and west sides with a single bank and ditch on the north and east and an entrance.
  16. Schlieffen wrote that the Germans must " wait for the enemy to emerge from behind his defensive ramparts " and intended to defeat the French army by a counter-offensive, tested in the general staff ride west of 1901.
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