defensive range造句

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  1. His 50-meter dash was clocked at 5.8 seconds, and his defensive range is broad.
  2. Some guys have range on their shooting ability; Scottie has some great defensive range.
  3. Durrington has more defensive range and is faster.
  4. In Jeter's case, Jordan sees a mirror image : a shortstop with speed and power; great defensive range.
  5. On the down side, Baerga provided little else but leadership, since he was slow afoot and lacked defensive range.
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  7. Gil is trying to regain the bat speed, defensive range and steady glove the Rangers once admired so much.
  8. Kelly is a career . 286 hitter with leadoff experience and an above-average arm, who improves the team's speed and defensive range.
  9. Fonville has forced $ 3 million veteran Delino DeShields to the bench with superior offensive production from the leadoff spot and better defensive range.
  10. After five spring games, Ashley is 4 for 13 ( . 308 ) with no homers, two RBI, one error and worrisome defensive range.
  11. This year, he has slipped to . 234, scored only 39 runs in 73 games, committed six errors and shown poor defensive range to his right.
  12. Chavez displayed uncommon cool in Games 1 and 2, flashing defensive range and a strong arm, and going 4-for-7 to lead all hitters at . 571 going into Game 3.
  13. The escorts can be arrange in various formations to protect your command ship from being damaged or provide wide range of scanning or even increasing your task forces defensive ranges.
  14. Florida Manager Jim Leyland has taken a good deal of heat for playing Bonilla, whose defensive range has been limited and who has not been able to run at full speed.
  15. The primary method was the air-launched missile, which would be kept on station close to the Soviet Union but outside their defensive range, and able to be launched at a moment's notice.
  16. Boone was quick to inject that Larkin has played well this spring ( . 304, one double, three runs scored in 23 at-bats ), but more than " ofd scout is waiting for Larkin to display defensive range.
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