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  1. Defensive realists identify a number of problems regarding offensive realism's support of aggressive state expansion.
  2. Lastly, defensive realists claim that elite perceptions and beliefs are key to the outbreak of conflict between states.
  3. Defensive realists also point to the disconnect between individual security and state security, which they believe offensive realists conflate.
  4. Realism asserts that stronger military power will lead states to their ultimate goals, being either a hegemon for defensive realists.
  5. Defensive realists state that the problems conquest faces are diverse, existing both during the opening phases of expansion and during occupation.
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  7. In contrast to offensive realists, defensive realists assert that these strains outweigh the economic benefits states can attain from conquered territory, resources and infrastructure.
  8. Defensive realists argue that just as in World War I, offensive dominance tends to be disjoined from reality and is in fact, only perceived.
  9. Aggression is therefore argued to be self-defeating in achieving the aim of security, which defensive realists posit to be the state's primary objective.
  10. Defensive realists assert that " states are not as vulnerable as men are in a state of nature " and their destruction is a difficult and protracted task.
  11. The "'Charles Koch Institute "'is a libertarian-oriented public policy research, programming, grant-making, and defensive realist.
  12. This does not mean however, that defensive realists deny that opportunities for state expansion exist, nor that states should not exploit these opportunities as they are presented.
  13. Defensive realists however, contend that a favourable offensive balance is the exception rather than the rule, and that unnecessary aggression and expansion is self-defeating and counterproductive.
  14. In addition, defensive realists assert that the second-strike capability afforded by either a state's nuclear arsenal or that of its allies, inhibits the ability of the aggressor state to conquer another.
  15. Stemming from a defensive realist understanding of international politics, what the authors call " neo-isolationism " advocates the United States remove itself from active participation in international politics in order to maintain its national security.
  16. A key component of this view is that geography, defensive realists contend, more often than not inhibits the projection of power due to the natural barriers rivers, mountains, deserts, oceans, jungles etc . present.
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