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  1. The Soviet 58th Guards Division of S-Bahn " defensive ring.
  2. Breendonk's fortification was part of the outer defensive ring.
  3. By early April the defenders had been forced back to the inner defensive ring of Debre Marqos.
  4. Hyde's voice had a defensive ring.
  5. By 27 April the Soviet Armies had penetrated the German's " S-Bahn " outer defensive ring from all directions.
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  7. The police fired warning shots and formed a defensive ring, allowing the band to escape in a waiting taxi.
  8. Despite minor British reinforcement, the siege of Antwerp ended when its defensive ring of forts was destroyed by German super-heavy artillery.
  9. Moving into the perimeter, the platoon took up positions between A Troop's vehicles on the western half of the defensive ring.
  10. It was part of the defensive ring around Washington, D . C . and was occupied throughout the American Civil War.
  11. During the battle of Arnhem that followed the regiment was one of the divisional units that formed a defensive ring around Oosterbeek.
  12. A defensive ring of forts outside the ring of circumvallated forts, called contravallation, is also sometimes used to defend the attackers from outside
  13. More " Warriors " were called from the base and formed a defensive ring as Clarke attempted resuscitation but Edwards had died almost instantly.
  14. The Marshall Islands were in an important geographic position, being the easternmost point in Japan's defensive ring at the beginning of World War II.
  15. If Saddam Hussein pulled the Guard back to a defensive ring inside the Iraqi capital, the 3rd Infantry would move to the city's outskirts.
  16. However, officials said earlier that the checkpoints would simply be moved to the outskirts of the city to create a defensive ring around the capital.
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