defensive scheme造句


  1. They came with a totally different defensive scheme than we thought,
  2. He also described the Jets'defensive schemes as highly sophisticated.
  3. Soon, the problem became more than not understanding defensive schemes.
  4. The Jets'defensive schemes are built around their middle linebacker.
  5. ASU had a good defensive scheme _ they studied us well,
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  7. The Patriots are playing a vastly different defensive scheme this year.
  8. The Bills were continually frustrated by the Patriots'defensive scheme.
  9. Romar credits assistant Randy Bennett for Pepperdine's defensive schemes.
  10. Last year's defensive scheme was simple, but effective.
  11. They are player-friendly in both offensive and defensive schemes.
  12. Our entire defensive scheme and offensive scheme is a team effort.
  13. The thing is, he meant Sacramento's defensive schemes.
  14. College defensive schemes are more complicated, and players are better.
  15. At the same time, Kosar praised the Jets'defensive scheme.
  16. Last week he was directing the dumbest defensive scheme in organized football.
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