defensive secretion造句

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  1. It was also isolated from the defensive secretion of certain beetles.
  2. Latex is a sticky defensive secretion that protects plants against herbivores.
  3. The defensive secretions emitted also act as an alarm pheromone.
  4. Furthermore, salicylaldehyde occurs in the larval defensive secretions of several leaf beetle species that belong the subtribe Chrysomelina.
  5. Some millipedes produce quinones in their defensive secretions, which have been reported to cause brown staining of the skin.
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  7. Large species, usually Carabinae, can become a nuisance if present in numbers, particularly during outdoor activities such as camping; they void their defensive secretions when threatened, and in hiding among provisions their presence may spoil food.
  8. The purpose of this behavior is unknown, but it is thought that the birds may be able to acquire defensive secretions from the ants possibly used for some medicinal purposes, or that it simply supplements the birds'own preen oil.
  9. Some species employ a shorter-range defensive secretion, where individuals bleed reflexively through the joints of their legs and the seams of the exoskeleton when bothered, allowing the blood ( hemolymph ), which contains distasteful additives, to discourage predators.
  10. "' Onchidal "'is a naturally occurring toxin produced as a defensive secretion by the mollusc " Onchidella binneyi " and several other related species in " Onchidella ", a genus of small, air-breathing sea slugs.
  11. Some species are equipped with a pair of glands at the anterior ( front ) edge of the prothorax that enables the insect to release defensive secretions, including chemical compounds of varying effect : some produce distinct odors, and others cause a stinging, burning sensation in the eyes and mouth of a predator.
  12. It is used as a defensive secretion to protect these cyanobacteria from predation by fish, being a potent irritant and carcinogen, by acting as a powerful activator of protein kinase C . While this action has a tumour-promoting effect, protein kinase C activation can be medically beneficial for some other applications, and synthetic analogues of aplysiatoxin have been researched for anti-cancer effects.
  13. Pheromones and defensive secretions in social insects : the proceedings of a symposium [ of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects ], held on 18th, 19 and 20 September 1975, at the University of Dijon / Dijon : French Section of the I . U . S . S . I ., 1975 . vii, 248 p . : ill .; 21 cm.


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