defensive shift造句


  1. Each Hatcher played almost every other defensive shift while the extra two defensemen in each trio alternated.
  2. At the end of the 2010 season, the Pirates fired manager defensive shifts in the field.
  3. As a hitter, he is facing defensive shifts and all sorts of offspeed pitching, STORY IN 2-3 inches off the plate.
  4. Mogilny had a difficult defensive shift and it resulted in a Dallas goal that tied the score at 1-1 at 13 : 13.
  5. Pinch-hitter Ken Griffey Jr . beat the Pirates'defensive shift by chopping a single through the vacant shortstop position, sending LaRue to third.
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  7. With the defensive shift toward a smaller number of stocks, the Nikkei 225 index is likely to remain stuck below 20, 000, many investors and analysts say.
  8. While this is the most common type of defensive shift seen in baseball, there are numerous variations that can be implemented according to the hitting ability of the batter.
  9. In Miami, fullback Keith Byars, who can also line up at tight end, wide receiver or as the primary ball carrier, forces defensive shifts as he shifts.
  10. "I was wondering if I'd get another kick at the can, " said Ramsey, who takes a regular defensive shift with the talented Red Wings.
  11. "With the debacle in the U . S . stock market, the trade to make was a defensive shift out of stocks and into fixed-income instruments, " said Hancock.
  12. Wotus became the Giants third base coach in 1998 under manager Dusty Baker Wotus has said he hopes to manage some day Wotus also coaches the Giants'infielders and is in charge of defensive shifts.
  13. Playing the Yankees on June 25, 1953, he was part of a rare defensive shift; leading 4 2 in the ninth inning, he was moved to first base, with Harry Dorish entering in relief.
  14. On the rare occasion that teams pitch to him, they tend to use a defensive shift that puts the shortstop on the right side of second base and has the second baseman playing in the middle of right field.
  15. Ken Griffey Jr . went 0-for-3 for the Reds, including a strikeout in the first after he twice tried to bunt against a defensive shift . He's hitting . 125 ( 3-for-24 ).
  16. In contrast, the term fifth infielder does not refer to a backup or reserve infielder, but to a defensive shift where a fielder from the outfield is brought into the infield, leaving a team with only two players in the outfield.
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