defensive shooting造句


  1. Defensive shooting percentage : fifth ( 40.7 ).
  2. Regarded by many as the best defensive shooting guard in the league, Bryant was juked ridiculously a couple of times.
  3. Similarly, only two positions are permitted in the defensive shooting circle; they try to prevent the opposition from shooting goals.
  4. However, cross-torso shots and shots that must first penetrate an arm before entering the torso are relatively common in defensive shooting scenarios.
  5. You can see our points given up are high now, our defensive shooting percentages are going up, our steals are going down, our blocked shots are going down.
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  7. Some could be killed by innocent Texans who believe more in defensive shooting than defensive driving, or they could be singled out by criminals who would know they wouldn't be packing heat.
  8. But with an 11-42 record, an 0-15 mark against Atlantic Division opponents and a . 498 defensive shooting percentage, worst in the NBA, the Celtics have much to prove.
  9. But lately, looking for a more life-like challenge, Bank has been taking his customized Glock . 40 caliber pistol to " practical shooting " contests, designed to simulate so-called defensive shooting situations.
  10. A terrible defensive team last season _ the Rockets were last in the NBA in forcing turnovers and second-to-last in defensive shooting percentage _ the Rockets blamed their injuries for their lack of cohesiveness on the defensive end.
  11. Senate Bill 378 also contains a " Stand Your Ground " clause; A person who has a legal right to be wherever he / she is at the time of a defensive shooting has no " duty to retreat " before being justified in shooting.


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