deletion channel造句


  1. Determining the entropy of the deletion channel is an open problem.
  2. The iid binary deletion channel is defined as follows:
  3. The capacity of the binary deletion channel ( as an analytical expression of the deletion rate p ) is unknown.
  4. This is an obvious issue, not something to be resolved through deletion channels . talk ) 02 : 32, 23 March 2008 ( UTC)
  5. The binary erasure channel should not be confused with a deletion channel where bits from the transmitter are either transmitted to the receiver ( with probability p ) or dropped " without notifying the receiver " ( with probability 1-p ).
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  7. With the deletion, these file talk pages were the result of a now-obsolete process, located outside of the normal deletion channels in project space, and technically eligible for speedy deletion under files for deletion in order to correct this oversight.


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