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  1. Simulation showed that with this method , delivery ratio was enhanced and delay was reduced
  2. Meanwhile , compared to exist load balancing routing protocols , our system shows better performance of packet delivery ratio , end - to - end delay and routing overhead
  3. Results obtained by network simulation ( ns ) shows that the optimized aodv scheme performs effectively in terms of successfully packet delivery ratio , routing overhead and end - to - end delay
  4. Simulation results show that real - time traffic experiences low delay and high packet delivery ratio under various conditions . in this paper , chapter 1 briefly introduces the basic characteristics and qos support in ad hoc networks
    Aodv - qos算法結合swan模型共同構成了網絡服務機制,仿真結果顯示在不同網絡場景下,實時業務性能實現較低時延和較高遞交率。
  5. Because of the unique issues in the networks , including mobility - induced disconnection , network partition , high out - of - order delivery ratios and channel errors , the congestion control and the error recovery in the network is challenging . in this environment , the interaction between tcp and mac layer protocols , the affection of route protocols on the performance of tcp and the particular congestion control and error recovery mechanism are first discussed . then a particular transport layer protocol scheme based on the non - feedback mechanism is presented , with emphasis on the analysis and simulation of the key parameter
    文中主要討論了兩種不同網絡結構中的無線tcp協議改進方案,其一在最后一跳為無線鏈路的網絡環境中,針對基本tcp擁塞控制機制存在的缺陷,文中在現有解決方案的基礎上提出一綜合性的方案,其中包括無線鏈路的高誤碼率和連接斷開問題的解決,并重點對方案中出現的交叉層問題進行分析和仿真;其二,考慮的是分布式網絡( adhoc ) ,在文中較為詳細的分析了tcp和mac層機制間的相互作用、路由協議中造成tcp性能降低的因素、 adhoc網絡中應采取的特殊擁塞控制和差錯恢復機制,在此基礎上提出了一種采用非反饋機制的解決方案,重點對方案中的關鍵參數進行分析和仿真,分析和仿真結果表明此機制可在很大程度上提高adhoc網絡中tcp的性能。
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  7. In the meanwhile , we build a complete simulation model of layered wireless self - organizing routing network and verify feasibility of network architecture and key technologies , including operating mode of wireless interface , addressing and routing in lwsrn we study the performance of wsrn in terms of routing overhead , packet delivery ratio , and the communication capability , and compare these result with that of ad hoc network


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