1. Connected with the example of saisc , develop the studies from three aspects . first , it should be defined that the theory of csas ( customer satisfaction alarm system ) is based on the relation between demisable profit and customer satisfaction . the central theory is 4c theory in marketing , and the implementary theory for improving customer satisfaction system is bpr ( business process reengineermg ) , which are both used to change satisfaction
    文章結合上海汽車工業銷售總公司主要就以下三個方面展開研究:一、明確讓渡價值和顧客滿意之間的關系是建立顧客滿意預警系統的基礎理論,以營銷學中的4c為核心理論,以企業流程再造( bpr )為實施顧客滿意體系改進的實施理論,應對傳統的組織結構進行轉變,形成以顧客滿意為目標的價值取向;二、建立顧客滿意預警系統。
  2. It's difficult to find demisable in a sentence. 用demisable造句挺難的


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