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  1. In this bill of lading the word " ship " shall include any substituted vessel , and any craft , lighter or other means of conveyance owned , chartered or operated by the carrier used in the performance of this contract ; the word " carrier " shall include the ship , her owner , master , operator , demise charterer , and if bound hereby the time charterer , and any substituted carrier , whether the owner , operator , charterer , or master shall be acting as carrier or bailee ; the word " shipper " shall include the person named as such in this bill of lading and the person for whose account the goods are shipped ; the word " consignee " shall include the holder of the bill of lading , properly endorsed , and the receiver and the owner of the goods ; the word " charges " shall include freight and all expenses and money obligations incurred and payable by the goods , shipper , consignee , or any of them
    二、本提單中的“船舶”一詞指任何替代船舶、任何小船、駁船或其他為承運人所擁有,并用于履行本合同的運輸工具; “承運人”一詞是指船舶、船東、船長、操作人員、光船租船人、本提單限定的定期租船人、以及任何實際承運人,不論是船東、操作人員,租船人或船長代理而被視為承運人或受托人; “發貨人”一詞是指本提單上所列的發貨人,貨物為其而裝運; “收貨人”一詞是指正式背書提單的持有人,貨物的接收者和所有人; “費用”一詞是指運費和因貨物、發貨人、收貨人、或因他們任何一個而發生且應由其支付或了結的一切費用和金錢義務。
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