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  1. Five days later, she observed a kamikaze crash the destroyer minelayer, four miles away.
  2. The destroyer minelayer stood out of Pearl Harbor on 2 March, bound for the western Pacific.
  3. On 30 April, the destroyer minelayer returned to sea to take up position on radar picket station number 10.
  4. The destroyer minelayer provided gunfire support and mine destruction services to the wooden-hulled minesweepers doing the actual sweeping.
  5. In that time the United States produced twelve " Robert H . Smith "-class destroyer minelayers.
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  7. Fortunately, the destroyer minelayer began scoring hits early and managed to shoot down the attacker when he was still away.
  8. Heavy fire from the destroyer minelayer, however, forced the plane to veer toward the after portion of the ship.
  9. At that point, he dipped over into his suicide dive but crashed about off the destroyer minelayer's starboard quarter.
  10. Following shakedown off Bermuda, the new destroyer minelayer transited the Panama Canal with a San Pedro 9 December and Pearl Harbor 21 December.
  11. Five men were killed by the two explosions and, thanks to the rescue work of the destroyer minelayer, these were her only losses.
  12. After conducting the convoy to a dispersal point off Nakagusuku Wan, the destroyer minelayer took up a screening station off the southern coast of Okinawa.
  13. The following day, the destroyer minelayer got her first glimpse of the enemy when some of his planes approached the sweep group but did not attack.
  14. After brief post-repair shakedown training and inspections, the destroyer minelayer stood out of San Diego on 17 July on her way back to Hawaii.
  15. For destroyer escorts, see List of destroyer escorts of the United States Navy, and for destroyer minelayers, see List of mine warfare vessels of the United States Navy.
  16. In 1937 four " Clemson " class were converted to destroyer minelayers ( DM ), joining several " Wickes "-class ships in this role.
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