diplomatic privileges造句

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  1. Article 11 . the problem of criminal responsibility of foreigners who enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunity is to be resolved through diplomatic channels
  2. If foreigners with diplomatic privileges and immunities commit crimes for which criminal responsibility should be investigated , those cases shall be resolved through diplomatic channels
  3. Passengers who are entitled to be accorded exemption from the tax by operation of the diplomatic privileges ordinance ( cap . 190 ) or the international organisations ( privileges and immunities ) ordinance ( 17 of 2000 )
    因《外交特權條例》 (第190章)或《國際組織(特權及豁免權)條例》 ( 2000年第17號)的實施而有權獲豁免繳付稅款的乘客
  4. The aliens who have the diplomatic privilege or exception must also apply for accommodation registration in accordance with provisions when they travel and lodge in place temporarily other than diplomatic organization or consular organization in china
  5. If foreign embassies ( or consulates ) stationed in china and other institutions which enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities intend to install ground satellite receiving facilities to receive television programs transmitted via foreign satellites , they shall handle the matter through diplomatic channels
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  7. The present aricle recommends and evaluates the vienna convention on diplomatic relations as the most complete , comprehensive and authoritative law - making international document that regulates the fundamental problems concerning diplomatic relations , including diplomatic privileges , the significance of which to the world diplomatic relations is only next to the un charter


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