1. Kemp, who recently recalled the zeal with which he supported the disabilites act in 1990, can't hide his disappointment.
  2. O'Shea said each of the units had regular fire drills but that given the disabilites of the residents it was more difficult to evacuate them.
  3. "This regulation provides compassion for persons with disabilites, " said Terry O'Reilly, INS acting assistant commissioner for naturalization, at a news conference.
  4. In particular, Jeffords was miffed that the Bush administration would not accept his proposal to fund one of his pet projects, the Individuals with Disabilites Education Act of 1975.
  5. "This decision turns the ADA law on its head, " said Chai Feldblum, a professor at the Georgetown University Law Center who worked with advocacy groups and Congress to write the disabilites law.
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  7. Writing for the 7-2 majority in the United Air Lines case, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said Congress did not intend for the disabilites act to cover the estimated 160 million Americans with correctable impairments.
  8. The Decatur Public Transit System ( DPTS ) provides fixed route bus service as well as complementary door-to-door paratransit service for people with disabilites, who are unable to use the bus system, throughout the City of Decatur.


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