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  1. She was Commissioner of the Disability Rights Commission until it was wound up in October 2006.
  2. Previously only the Disability Rights Commission had such powers, the CRE and the EOC were more limited.
  3. This tradition of advocacy contributed to the creation of the Disability Rights Commission and the 2005 Disability Discrimination Act.
  4. Fernandez is a disability rights activist in the United Kingdom and has supported campaigns for the Disability Rights Commission and Scope.
  5. He still makes occasional performances as part of the group, most recently a promotional video for the Disability Rights Commission.
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  7. From 2002 Holmes was a Commissioner for the Disability Rights Commission where he also sat on the Legal Committee and Audit Committee.
  8. Bert Massie, the chairman of the Disability Rights Commission, praised the choice as a blow for the cult of body perfection.
  9. Bert Massie, chairman of the Disability Rights Commission, said the act would be an important tool for asserting the rights of disabled people.
  10. Research published by the Disability Rights Commission in 2004 showed that testing with disabled users may uncover 45 per cent more accessibility problems than testing with software alone ."
  11. Previously she worked at the Disability Rights Commission and the RNIB . She is an active member of the Greater London Association of Disabled People and former President of the National Federation of the Blind of the United Kingdom.
  12. In April 2004 the DRC ( Disability Rights Commission-UK government body ) published its findings about the accessibility of 1000 UK websites and found that 81 % of websites tested failed to reach basic levels of web accessibility ( Level A compliance to the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ).
  13. It has been held that the alleged discriminator's knowledge of a complainant's disability is irrelevant ( London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham v Farnsworth [ 2000 ] IRLR 691, para 36 ), although some doubt about this conclusion has been expressed by the Employment Appeal Tribunal ( Heinz v Kenrick, above, paras 44-48 ) and the Court of Appeal ( Manchester City Council v Romano ( Disability Rights Commission intervening ) [ 2004 ] EWCA Civ 834, [ 2005 ] 1 WLR 2775, paras 121-123 ).


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