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  1. Thus the displacement amplitude of even the loudest sound is extremely small .
  2. The notable torsion effects of the surface ground motion above the alluvial valley are illustrated and the torsion effects become stronger as the frequency of the incidence is higher . ( 4 ) antiplane surface motion of the underground circular soft inclusion and the underground homogeneous soft interlayer is investigated in this paper . the results indicate : surface displacement amplitudes just above the soft inclusion of small depth - to - width ratio is amplified and soft interlayer of small depth - to - thickness ratio is amplified to a certain degree , and moreover , the latter is lower limit of the former
  3. ( 5 ) antiplane surface motion of underground circular hard inclusion and underground homogeneous hard interlayer is investigated . the results indicate : the surface displacement amplitudes just above the underground circular hard inclusion is reduced , while surface motion on both two sides are significantly amplified when the vertical waves are excited . the surface motion on the side o
  4. Through the research , following achievements have been made : ( 1 ) a detailed experimented study has been carried out to investigate the performance of the sma incorporated friction dampers . the effects of displacement amplitude and frequency are taken into account in experiments . good agreement between theoretical and experimental results is obtained
    通過研究主要取得如下成果: ( 1 )首次進行了sma復合摩擦阻尼器的性能試驗研究,根據試驗結果分析了位移幅值、加載頻率等對阻尼器的等效剛度、單位循環耗能和等效阻尼比的影響,并與理論分析結果進行了對比分析,兩者吻合較好。
  5. After that , antiplane surface motion features of the shallow alluvial valley of small depth - to - width ratio are investigated in details . the results indicate that surface displacement amplitudes of alluvial valley will not reduce when the alluvial valley become shallow . the maximum amplitudes will move to high frequency with depth - to - width ratio becoming small
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