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  1. The displacement analysis of soil nailing for a deep foundation project in beijing
  2. Displacement analysis and synthesis of parallel manipulator via screw theory
  3. Structure design and displacement analysis for a new type virtual axis machine tool
  4. Overall stability and second - order displacement analysis of tall building tubular structures
  5. Consideration of these actions evolves into a mixed force - displacement analysis
    對于這些作用的考慮導致了一種混合力- -移位分析法。
  6. It's difficult to find displacement analysis in a sentence. 用displacement analysis造句挺難的
  7. Lateral displacement analysis is one of the most important items for steel frame design
  8. Symbolic approach for displacement analysis of planar five - bar linkages based on groebner base method
  9. Improved finite strip method of overall stability and second - order displacement analysis on tall tubular structures
  10. The displacement analysis of the spatial 7 - link mechanism and the inverse displacement solution of spatial 6 - link manipulator
  11. Internal force and displacement analysis is an important step of structure design , and it is foundation of structure analysis
  12. The inverse jacobi matrix of the 6 - sps parallel manipulator is obtained from differential equations of the reverse displacement analysis
    摘要通過對6 - sps型并聯機器人位置輸入輸出方程微分,獲得機器人逆雅可比矩陣。
  13. However , the analyses of suspension bridge structures are still preferred by finite displacement analysis based on 2d ( two - dimensional ) or spatial skeleton approximate models
  14. First - order lateral displacement analysis and second - order later displacement analysis are different approaches for drift analysis , and they need different drift limits to be adapted
  15. The theoretical model on reinforced earth retaining wall was given . 5 . a lateral displacement analysis model about reinforced earth retaining wall that treats the wall ' s face panel as an elastic foundation beam has been presented
  16. Forward displacement analysis for lps + 3tps , lpt + 2tps , lpps + 4tps type pmts are performed based on result elimation method . closed form solutions for forward displacement of these hybrid type pmts are derived , numerical examples are given for illustration
    基于結式消元法分別對1ps + 3tps型、 1pt + 2tps型和1pps + 4tps型并聯機床進行了位置正解分析,獲得了封閉形式的解析解。
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