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  1. First , the generalized elastic theory is employed into in single pile analysis . the degeneration solution is accordant with poulos " results . analyzing the load - displacement behavior of the battered pile , the results agree well with meyerhof ' s model experiments and zhanglm ' s centrifuge experiments
  2. Compression dispersion - type anchor can be mainly classified into two categories , one of which is that , plastic coated strands in different length are respectively passed through their own bearing bodies and pre - bent as their midpoints to be t he shape of " u " , then forming several totally unbonded strand loops , i . e . unit anchor tendon . as the research object in this paper , study is performed on the anchor holding capacity , load - displacement behavior , displacement of the fixed anchor length , strain and bond stress distribution , and the removability of anchor tendon , furthermore , with the aid of analytical solution , the distribution of the bond stress is calculated and analyzed , based on the results of test and analytical solutions , design method is provided in this paper
    壓力分散型錨索主要有兩種結構型式,本文是以將不同長度的無粘結鋼絞線分別繞過不同的承載體彎曲成“ u ”形而組成各個單元錨索體這種型式為研究對象,對其承載力、荷載位移特性、錨固段位移特征、應變與粘結應力分布特征以及錨索體的可回收性能展開研究,并借助于理論分析研究其粘結應力分布狀態,然后在此基礎上提出了壓力分散型錨索的設計計算方法。
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