1. Popular centres for winter sports are Vr醫na dolina and ` tefanov?
  2. "Radiocine " by Alejandro Dolina ( Planeta)
  3. 9 . " Radiocine " by Alejandro Dolina ( Planeta)
  4. This song was performed by Russian singers Larisa Dolina and Arkady Severny.
  5. Dolina started to write songs and perform them in 1971.
  6. It's difficult to find dolina in a sentence. 用dolina造句挺難的
  7. He has also collaborated with Alberto Breccia and Alejandro Dolina.
  8. They are located between Sava valley and Kanalska Dolina.
  9. The Russian jazz singer Larisa Dolina has performed several times in the hotel.
  10. Part of gold miners went to Bocianska dolina.
  11. In 2003, Dolina joined the political party Edinaya Rossiya ( United Russia ).
  12. Charlotte writes to him that this woman was his mother, Maria Stepanovna Dolina.
  13. There is 600m deep wall on northern side to the bottom of Logarska Dolina.
  14. Also found in the Gran Dolina deposits were flint chips and flakes used as tools.
  15. The University of Nova Gorica is located in the suburb of Ro ~ na Dolina.
  16. The most important ones are Blatnica Valley ( " Blatnick?dolina " ).
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