1. From 1944 to 1947 Jens Boyesen was married to Alix Dorry Sophie Thesl鰂.
  2. Dorry and Broggy can retaliate by stepping on the players, guided by a skull mark.
  3. "This is like going to the emergency room way too many times, " said Dorry.
  4. Niaz Dorry, Greenpeace representative in Gloucester, said the alternatives hurt fishing communities without guaranteeing that overfishing won't recur.
  5. Stephen Tompsett, a computer scientist at the conference, e-mailed his wife, Dorry, using his BlackBerry communicator.
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  7. "The presence of this factory trawler . . . invites similar vessels looking for a fishery, " said Niaz Dorry of Greenpeace.
  8. Niaz Dorry, a fisheries campaigner for Greenpeace, said the government has ignored evidence of overfishing in the North Pacific because of pressure from fishing interests.
  9. But members of the Gloucester Initiatives like Niaz Dorry, the Greenpeace coordinator here, question whether the stocks are as abundant as often-uncertain scientists maintain.
  10. Dorry also said environmentalists who talk about gear impact, without consulting fishermen, " are continuing to live in ignorance of the wisdom of fishermen ."
  11. "' Little Garden Bomb Battle "': Players battle the giants Dorry and Brogy on Little Garden by tossing bombs at the giants'feet.
  12. That shows that the effort to cut out commercial fishermen is " more political than biological, " said Niaz Dorry, the East Coast fisheries campaigner for Greenpeace.
  13. Niaz Dorry of Greenpeace asserts that myopic attention to the requirements of the Sustainable Fisheries Act has led to a merry-go-round of collapsing stocks and ineffective regulation.
  14. To protect the future of cod and other species, Dorry recommended that consumers ask questions when they buy fish : Where does it come from and how was it caught?
  15. This marriage ended in June 1949 . The same month Steen entered his third marriage, this time to Alix Dorry Sophie Boyesen, n閑 Thesl鰂 and divorcee of diplomat Jens Boyesen.
  16. Johnston later purchased the team outright and sold a part share in 2007 to 31-year-old Dorry Kordahi, CEO and owner of DKM, one of the fastest growing companies in Australia.
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