dust yourself off造句


  1. You have to dust yourself off and go on.
  2. Bob is just dust yourself off and get up and do your job.
  3. Hers was, " Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again ."
  4. Then you'd get up, dust yourself off and try to cream the new guy with the ball.
  5. But take heart, you have the ability to dust yourself off, renew your enthusiasm and get back to work.
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  7. Dust yourself off, look for lost glasses and other gear, yell at your friends for laughing and carve on.
  8. The most important part of falling down, I like to say, is learning how to get up and dust yourself off.
  9. It's good to pick yourself up out of the rubble, dust yourself off and wonder,'What now ? '"
  10. "It's a real situation, it went down, and now you've got to dust yourself off and deal with it.
  11. Other notable singles off of " Concrete Kings " are " Dust Yourself Off " and " Country Road " ( also released as an EP ).
  12. But he's a tough kid, so all you can do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back to work ."
  13. Sinatra's authoritative phrasing on " Pick Yourself Up " ( " Dust yourself off ! " ) is worth the price of the album alone.
  14. "If someone punches you in the face, you got to dust yourself off, get back up, realize it's a new day, a new opportunity.
  15. Barry Gibb tells People magazine's July 2 issue that what the group has learned from its up-and-down years is " that you've got to dust yourself off ."
  16. But when that happens you don't ask the herd for mercy, you don't denounce the herd, you just get up, dust yourself off, and get back with the flow of the herd.
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