1. Clean, dry, dust-free bedding should be provided .
  2. The device should be kept in dry , dust - free places
  3. The device should be kept in dry , dust - free places
  4. A large scale 100 , 000 grade dust - free workshop
  5. The laser should be operated in a dry , clean and dust - free environment
  6. It's difficult to find dust-free in a sentence. 用dust-free造句挺難的
  7. Dust - free chalk
  8. We dedicate to dust - free systems engineering , air treatment equipment , steel racks , barrels and auto goods shelves used in warehouses
  9. In line with the gmp requirements , it set up the sterile and dust - free workshops needed for medical and food industry , enabling it to develop new products for both old and new customers
  10. For analytical weighing . smooth surface is ideal for transferring weighed material . clean , dust - free sheets . paper is lightweight , yet strong enough to support analytical size samples . nitrogen - free
  11. Others : face panels for various furniture , transportation pallet , boards for raise rice seeding , billboards , show stands , separation panels inside the car or ship , stage propertise for movies and tv plays , and dust - free black boards , etc
  12. The sideline plastics from the plastic injection molding will be automatically mixed with the raw material floolwing the shredding in the clean , dry , dust - free and proportionate conditions . this special technology has been patented
  13. We could offer the automatic dust - free painting production line for manufacture , tunnel drying oven line , paint coating production line for metalwork , paint coating production line for glass - work , paint coating production line for woodwork , powder coatingproducte line for metalwork , whole series of painting cabinet , all classes of drying oven , uv light drying , fresh air supply sy - stem , static dust removal equipment , emission 、 waste water control system and net printingproduction equipment , conveying equipment , electronic production equiment etc
    公司專業提供塑膠制品自動無塵涂裝線,隧道式烤爐流水線,金屬制品噴油生產線,玻璃制品噴油生產線,木制品噴油生產線,金屬制品噴粉生產線,全系列噴漆柜、噴粉房,各類?爐、烘爐, uv光固化機,鮮風供給系統,靜電除塵設備,廢氣、廢水處理系統及絲印生產設備,物流輸送設備,電子生產設備等。
  14. Numerical results indicate that the sheath expands faster than dust - free sheathes . it is also shown that , for small dust particles , the motion of dust particles is very remarkable and the charging effect can be negligible , and for large dust particles , the charging effect of dust particles becomes more evident while they are almost kept stationary during the whole negative potential pulse
  15. Today the business we involve include designing and construction epoxy resin floor , epoxy resin fiberglass floor , epoxy mortar gravity flow flat floor , epoxy resin anti - electrostatic floor , pvc anti - electrostatic ( sheet , roll ) floor , full - steel anti - electrostatic raised floor various grade of indoor air cleaning works for precise electronic factory , hospitals , gmp pharmaceutical factories , bio - chemical labs , food factories , etc . as well as pu runways , acrylic courts , we are committed to offering you a dust - free , clean and beautiful workplace and office
    本公司迄今為止,主要承接設計施工現代化廠房的環氧樹脂地板、環氧樹脂砂漿自流平地板、環氧樹脂防靜電地板、 pvc防靜電(片材、卷材)地板、全鋼防靜電高架地板工程等和精密電子廠、醫院、 gmp藥廠、生化實驗室、食品廠室內的各種級別空氣凈化工程及pu跑道,亞克力球場工程,敬此為貴公司提供一個無塵、潔凈、亮麗的生產環境及辦公環境。


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