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  1. Determination of the degree of crosslinkage for resin - finished fabrics . dyeing method
  2. The most basic dyeing method , it began with the use of plant products to dye cloth
  3. Using the dyeing method , the surface area of xi ' an loess particles is firstly determined ; the result is clay particles have a huge specific surface area
  4. Furthermore , the effects of chitosan concentration , amount of chitosan coated on veneer and different dyeing methods on the color fastness of dyed veneer are discussed in detail
  5. The natural dye sorghum red was extracted from sorghum and tested for dyeing cotton by orthogonal and single - factor expts . with direct , pre - mordant and post - mordant dyeing methods
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  7. In order to understand the mechanism of spermatozoa living in the spermatheca after copulation , hematoxylin - eosin dyeing method is used to discover the microstructure of the spermatheca by light microscope
    為進一步了解雌雄個體交配后精子在受精囊內的存活的機制,采用h - e法,在光鏡水平上研究了受精囊的顯微結構。
  8. Abstract : the disadvantages of normal dyeing method were discussed , and the method of leath er asynchronous dyeing was put forward to overcome above problems . good results o f applying asynchronous in the practice were achieved
  9. Based on dyeing methods of sappanwood , application of sappanwood as natural plant dyestuff in natural silk , soybean - protein fibre , ramie and wool fabric was listed , implying some problems of natural plant dyestuffs and future application of sappanwood dyestuff was foreseen
  10. In the present paper , some investigations on loxoblemmus doenitzi ( gryllidae ) are reported . in order to discover the meiosis of spermatomeres and spermiogenesis , slice - pressing method and improved phenol - fuchsin dyeing method are used . in the course of meiosis , primary spermatocytes directly enter metaphase ii , not through telophase i and prophase ii
    本論文以直翅目、螽斯亞目、蟋蟀總科、蟋蟀科的多伊棺頭蟋( loxoblemmusdoenitzi )為材料,采用壓片法-改良苯酚品紅染色,研究了精子發生過程中的減數分裂階段和精子形成,發現初級精母細胞第一次減數分裂后不經過末期和前期直接進入中期。
  11. The article addresses special properties of various silks and / or silk composite fabrics , dyes , and dyeing methods for dying of silk / cotton , silk / linen , silk / wool , silk / polyester , silk / spandex , silk / soybean protein fiber and silk / bamboo fiber , as well as precautions with the aim of covering the recent advances in the field in recent years and providing practical guidance for the production
  12. To solve the problem of adverse influence on the environment exerted by the residue dye liquid from traditional dyeing of wool with acid mordant dyes by after - chroming , and to lessen the pressure of chromium - containing waste water treatment , the dyeing method was modified by adopting two - bath dyeing technique in which the initial dyeing liquid and mordant dyeing liquid could be used in the recycled way , thus saving dyestuff and reducing the drainage of chromium - containing waste water


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