edge peak造句


  1. The terrain is a maze of razor-edged peaks and plunging valleys.
  2. Since Jan . 4, nearly 14 feet of snow has fallen on the knife-edge peaks at Squaw Valley, where the 1960 Winter Olympics were held.
  3. Military commanders of India and Pakistan spoke by telephone as India gained control of five knife-edge peaks and ridgelines in the mountain battle in disputed Kashmir, Indian military officials said Wednesday.
  4. The fiercest fighting so far is underway on icy, knife-edged peaks in the Batalik sector east of Kargil, said Indian officers on the front-line, speaking on condition of anonymity.
  5. On Wednesday, India claimed that it had won control of five knife-edge peaks and ridgelines in disputed Kashmir, losing 25 soldiers on the snow-capped cliffs and killing at least 40 intruders.
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  7. :It appears to be'Evans Peak'just in front of'Alouette Mountain', and with Edge Peak in the distance . talk ) 20 : 04, 24 March 2011 ( UTC)


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