1. I also saw Mr . Ellemann-Jensen at his request.
  2. It was not clear which countries were backing Ellemann-Jensen.
  3. Ellemann-Jensen has always been protective of his private life.
  4. Friday was Ellemann-Jensen's turn to run the gantlet.
  5. In my opinion, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen is a competent successor,
  6. It's difficult to find ellemann in a sentence. 用ellemann造句挺難的
  7. Ellemann-Jensen is currently the leader of the opposition Liberal Party.
  8. Ellemann-Jensen was scheduled to meet with Christopher Friday.
  9. That left Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, the former Danish foreign minister.
  10. But the French have been cool to Ellemann-Jensen.
  11. Nonetheless, the minister refused to veto the Ellemann-Jensen candidacy.
  12. Ellemann-Jensen said at a news conference in Copenhagen.
  13. Uffe Ellemann-Jensen said in a speech in Berlin.
  14. Ellemann-Jensen declared his interest that very day.
  15. Ellemann-Jensen received a cool welcome at the French Foreign Ministry Monday.
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