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  1. Their embryonic shells are lost within the first few days after hatching.
  2. Nautiloids have relatively large embryonic shells, and living species lay a few large eggs.
  3. At the very tip of the phragmocone beneath the rostrum is an embryonic shell known as the protoconch.
  4. In contrast, bactritids and ammonoids produced large numbers of small eggs, each housing a small embryonic shell.
  5. The embryonic shell globose, flat above, of 2 whorls, narrowed toward the base and narrowly umbilicate.
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  7. The periostracum of the embryonic shell ( inside the egg ) begin to grow in 48-hour old embryos.
  8. Juvenile shells show a long tower-shaped protoconch or embryonic shell of 5 whorls, which is usually lost in the adult.
  9. Bactritids are distinguished from the more primitive nautiloids by the small size and globular shape of the protoconch, the so-called embryonic shell.
  10. At the tip of the phragmocone beneath the rostrum is a tiny spherical or cuplike nodule known as the " protoconch ", the remains of the embryonic shell.
  11. The weight of the embryonic shell in 5-day old ( 120 hours old ) embryos a very short time before hatching, is 30.3 ?g, and the width is 500 ?m.
  12. To be more precise, the apex would usually be where the tip of the embryonic shell or protoconch is situated, if that is still present in the adult shell ( often it is lost or eroded away ).


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