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  1. The chapter of hardware design first expounds the whole design . the several primary circuit are designed , including power circuit , controlling circuit , detecting circuit and the dsp quadrature encode circuit
  2. As the random structure of ldpc codes made it difficult to encoding in hardware and few mathematic methods has been found for analyzing these codes , many constructed ldpc codes were investigated to simplify encoding circuit and to reduce the complexity of analyses
  3. Based on the research and analysis of system structure of 10 - bit 100msps pipelined cmos adc , according to the system performance , the specifications of sub _ adc is obtained , while the sub _ adc including the preamplifier - latch comparator , the reference ladder resistance and the clock - control encode circuits are discussed in detail
    基于對10 - bit100mspspipelinedcmosadc系統結構的分析研究,結合系統性能確定了子adc的指標要求,詳細討論并設計了子adc單元模塊的設計,包括預放大鎖存比較器,參考電阻串和時鐘控制編碼電路。
  4. Secondly , compared with some other kinds of comparator structure and based on the preamplifier - latch fast - compare theory , a novel topology of cmos preamplifier latch comparator circuit is presented . considering trade - off between kickback noise and power dissipation , reference resistance value is optimized . according to the encode demands of different stage resolution , clock - control encode circuit is designed
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