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  1. Fine tune compression using new encoding modes
  2. To transmit music , ntt of japan recently developed a high quality music encoding mode , called twin vq
  3. We carry out some experiments to test the practical performance of the advanced encode mode of the h . 263 in chapter 3
    263作為總體算法框架。第三章,測試和分析h 263高級編碼模式性能。
  4. The goal of this paper was to examine the effects of encoding modes of solution steps of worked example on principle learning and transfer
  5. This encoding mode was first applied in digital mobile communications to encode voice , effectively lessening the code distortion of audio signals
  6. It's difficult to find encode mode in a sentence. 用encode mode造句挺難的
  7. The solution for the problem of university ' s timetable based on ga , including designing the encoding mode , and the algorithm of tackled clash are discussed in this paper
  8. I am responsible of devising a new console which is the key component of nd120 . the control mechanism of the new console is a microchip named 8051 ; the interface is rs - 232 ; signals are transmitted via optical fibre ; channel encoding mode is hec
    新型調度平臺采用mcs - 51系列單片機8051為控制模塊;調度平臺與后臺之間采用rs - 232接口;信號傳輸采用光纖方式;信道編碼為混合糾錯( hec )方式。
  9. In this article , firstly , technologis used in video compression are introduced , including picure sampling , encode mode and procedure of video compression . then , recommendation k263 is presented in particular , and its technology characters are mainly discussed
    本文首先介紹了視頻壓縮用到的相關技術,包括圖象的采樣,編碼方式,以及視頻壓縮的流程;隨后詳細的介紹了h . 263建議,對h . 263建議的技術特點進行了研究。
  10. This thesis is focused on the following flve topics . first , comparative analysis of binary encoding and float encoding is made , the advantage and disadvantages of two encoding modes and their influence on genetic operators are clarified , thus the basis for reasonable description of the problems is provided . secondly , as genetic operators have an important influence on performance of algorithms , this thesis demonstrates that the simulated binary crossover can keep the mean of population unchanged , and under some conditions
  11. Considering of the differences of task scheduling between a grid and a distributed system , this dissertation designs a real number encoded mode that mapping every task to a random resource directly by improving the encoding mode of the traditional genetic algorithm , and gives a particular design to the encoding and decoding mode . at last , this algorithm is simulated in the grid simulator . the experiment results show that the reformative genetic algorithm not only has a holistic searching ability , but also makes a fast convergent speed , which provides a preferable performance
  12. For video codec , after analyzing and researching the newest standard h . 264 , an efficiency algorithm was proposed in this paper using self - feature , spatial correlation and temporal correlation to judge the encoding mode of one macro - block . through this method , the best prediction mode can be obtain before encoding , then , the coding time can be reduced dramatically with a little expense of bit - rate . for video transmission , in this paper , a transmit method was proposed using tcp / ip protocol under the environment of local networks
    首先,在分析及研究最新的視頻編碼標準h . 264的基礎上,利用宏塊自身的特點和其時間、空間的相關性來判斷宏塊應該采用的編碼模式,從而提前得到該宏塊的最佳編碼模式,新方法有效地克服了原標準算法中窮舉式的復雜算法,在壓縮碼流只有少許增加的情況下,大幅度地提高了幀內及幀間編碼的速度。
  13. Review had been done on some encoding modes that affected the effective learning , which included intra - example features , such as the integration of diagrams and text , integration of aural and visual information and the integration of steps and subgoals , and inter - example features , such as multiple examples , variability of example and example - problem pairs ; ( 3 ) research on interaction between learner and the worked example suggested that self - explanations are an important learning activity during the study of worked examples , which were the dual processes of generating inferences and repairing mental models


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