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  1. Gets the encoding attribute for the document
  2. The encoding attribute specifies the preferred encoding to be used
  3. If that is null , then the encoding attribute of the dom stream to be written is used
  4. You will get this error message if a character in the xml document does not match the encoding attribute
  5. Will store the correct encoding information - which matches the actual encoding of the string - in the encoding attribute of the xml declaration
    將在xml聲明的編碼屬性中存儲正確的編碼信息(它與字符串的實際編碼相匹配) 。
  6. It's difficult to find encoded attributes in a sentence. 用encoded attributes造句挺難的
  7. Thus the encoding attribute of the manually transcoded xml string is still " utf - 16 " instead of " big5 " . this can be misleading if you are serializing the entire
    因此這個以手工方式轉碼的xml字符串的編碼屬性仍然是“ utf - 16 ”而不是“ big5 ” 。
  8. Normally you will get this error message if your xml document contains " foreign " characters , and the file was saved with a single - byte encoding editor like notepad , and no encoding attribute was specified


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