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  1. Many Dolby Digital decoders are equipped with downmixing to distribute encoded channels to speakers.
  2. To understand better the molecular bases of humidity sensing, investigated several genes encoding channels associated with mechanosensation, thermosensing or water transport.
  3. DirecTV is now using a modified version of DVB-S2, the latest version of the DVB-S protocol, for HDTV services off the SPACEWAY-1, SPACEWAY-2, DirecTV-10 and DirecTV-11 satellites; however, huge numbers of DSS encoded channels still remain.
  4. The reason why Bipolar encoding is classified as a return to zero ( RZ ) is because when a bipolar encoded channel is idle the line is held at a constant " zero " level; and when it is transmitting bits the line is in either in a + V or-V state corresponding to the binary bit being transmitted.
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