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  1. Presented a scalable method of qos provisioning in the broadband residential ethernet - based access network that offers qos guarantees for voip , tv , vod , etc . the cbr encoding control scheme with fixed services promises predictable traffic characteristics , which simplifies qos mechanisms and network designs ; the differentiated approach promises a scalable qos architecture for the carrier - grade broadband residential access network ; combining network dimensioning , diffserv and pricing promises qos provisioning with effectiveness and operability
    結合cbr編碼控制機制和限定服務類型提供可預測的通信量特征,簡化了網絡設計和服務質量方法的復雜度:采用區分服務方法,滿足了大規模寬帶社區網的高擴展性要求;結合網絡容量規劃、 diffserv框架和定價機制研究多業務的服務質量,確保了服務質量方法的有效性和可操作性。
  2. Secondly , the author analyzes adaptive encoding control algorithm , pack algorithm and feedback congestion control algorithm suited to mpeg - 4 video . taking into account the matching transport rate and bandwidth , the author gives an improvement and optimization of the feedback congestion control algorithm . finally , a feasible project of network visual telephone is designed
    其次,在視頻數據的傳輸碼率與網絡帶寬的適應性方面,作者通過分析適用于mpeg - 4視頻適應性編碼的控制算法、視頻數據打包算法和網絡擁塞控制算法,提出了網絡擁塞反饋控制算法的改進和優化思想。
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