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  1. Engineering geologic investigation
  2. Based on the engineering geologic investigation reports of 22 buildings and the author ' s own tests in lab ( which includes 18 groups of conventional test and compression test , 8 groups of unconsolidated undrained triaxial test and 8 groups of quick direct shearing test ) , taiyuan silt is studied in the paper . firstly , the variability of silt indexes is analyzed . the analyses results show the change laws on variability , in addition , the average value and variability coefficient ranges of silt indexes are given for reference
    本文以太原地區粉土為研究對象,在收集、整理了22個建筑工程場地勘察報告和作者室內試驗成果( 18組常規試驗和壓縮試驗、 8組不固結不排水三軸剪切和8組直剪快剪試驗)的基礎上,對太原粉土作了以下方面的分析研究:首先研究了粉土工程性質指標的變異性,得出了變異系數的變化規律,給出了各工程性質指標均值和變異系數范圍的建議值。
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