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  1. The application of the software covers more and more widely with the improvement of the theory of software engineering methodologies and the ripeness of the software developer
  2. Modern software development adopts engineering methodology to manage developing of software , it emphasizes on the software quality control and try to reduce the risk in software development by taking appropriate measures
  3. Service engineering methodology was discussed and reviewed from its five components of the framework , namely service meta - model , service modeling approach , service system development approach , service performance evaluation , and relevant supporting tools
  4. The most advance software - engineering methodology was presented , for example the oop , com , compiler technology and so on . , which are used to design and develop the component modeling and simulation application framework of the tgcs
    本論文仿真軟件的實現采用了最先進的軟件工程方法? ?面向對象技術、組件技術、編譯技術,由此設計和開發了的魚雷制導系統仿真環境。
  5. Now , the development of management information system ( mis ) is guided by information engineering methodology whose base idea is that data is the center of information processing and data is steady but processing is changeable . the method is important to program , analyze and design mis
    目前,管理信息系統( mis )的開發大部分采用信息工程方法論為指導,它的基本思想和原則是:數據位于現代信息處理中心,數據是穩定的,而處理是多變的。
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  7. According to the requirements of operation of blast furnace and software engineering methodology , the properties and function of prototype of prediction system have been analyzed and hierarchical structure and data flow and data processing in the system have been outlined by using data flow diagram
  8. Uml is the convergence of best practices in the object - technology industry . and it is a rich ; precise , extensible modeling language for object - oriented system development and software developing automation environments . uml is the representation of excellent software engineering methodology which is approbatory in large - scale and complex modeling field
  9. Also , the existing problems are formulized to illustrate the applying situation of iec61499 standard in our country . secondly , a complex application system is constructed based on the iec61499 standard and model - view - control ( mvc ) design pattern , and then , a related engineering methodology is introduced
    在iec61499標準和模型-視圖-控制器( mvc )設計模式的基礎上,構造了一個較為復雜的控制應用系統,并由此摸索出一套基于mvc設計模式的功能塊系統設計方法。
  10. In this thesis , a new model used for prediction of silicon content in hot metal based on self - organized experience evolution approach has been investigated by developing prototype of the model with software engineering methodology , optimizing model parameters and testing it with process data of blast furnace in tianjin iron plant
  11. However , existing models till now which used for the prediction and controlling of silicon content in hot metal could n ' t meet the requirement to control such a complex processing of blast furnace . in this thesis , a new model used for predicting and controlling silicon content in hot metal based on artificial neural networks ( anns ) and expert system has been investigated by developing prototype of the model with software engineering methodology , after inquiring about the parameters which could affect silicon content in hot metal with the operators of blast furnace


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