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  1. About the year 1740 a whitehaven mining engineer named spedding invented an illuminating machine called a steel mill .
  2. She met a man on one of her trains , a very successful and famous engineer named fred cooper . he was attracted to her . they had three dates and they got married
  3. The present development of soil reinforcement ( rs ) was initiated by a french engineer named vidal ( 1966 ) and even treated as a revolution in civil engineering in recent years
  4. Apdl language is applied for parametric design and fea of spatial integral structure and demonstrated properly . parametric modeling will come true attributed to the interface of pro / engineer named pro / toolkit , what lay the foundations of pro / nc and achieve planar engineering drawing that make understood easily
    Pro engineer的二次開發接口pro toolkit實現了空間整體結構在cad環境下進行參數化建模,并為cam環境下進行pro nc奠定良好的基礎,最終在pro detail中實現二維工程圖,為工程的可讀性做了良好的鋪墊。
  5. Chapter 3 discusses the interface of pro / engineer named pro / toolkit applied for redevelopment and pro / detail applied for engineering drawing , also brings forward a conception that parametric design in redevelopment and the method to transfer integral structure into planar engineering drawing , which will be achieved all under the circumstance of template
    第三章對pro engineer的二次開發接口pro toolkit與工程圖pro detail進行了介紹,并對pro toolkit進行參數化結構設計中關于其二次開發應用以及所生成的整體結構如何轉換到二維工程圖進行了詳細的敘述,最終在智能模板環境中得到實現。
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