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  1. In 1944 the cemetery was resurveyed and redesigned by members of the 7th Graves Registration and Environment Unit.
  2. In this environment units are able to demonstrate capabilities, improve procedures, compare notes, and enhance standardization for global operations.
  3. For the management accountant in a large organisation with its own environment unit or legal team, the solution will be straightforward.
  4. Riva, who heads Italian Telecom's environment unit, said 22 of the committee's 44 members representing the biggest part of Europe's telecommunications industry have signed the charter.
  5. While head of the Environment Unit at the Institute of Public Affairs, Dr Marohasy compiled a backgrounder titled " Myth and the Murray-measuring the real state of the river environment " which was published by the Institute in December 2003.
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  7. A permanent environment unit was established for coordinating these and other international efforts . [ This later became ] the United Nations Environmental Program [ which was ] was formally approved by the General Assembly later that same year and its base established in Nairobi, Kenya.
  8. Japan has also dispatched a team of experts in addition to the teams from the Joint UNEP / OCHA ( UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs ) Environment Unit and the European Commission Monitoring Information Center, U . S . Coast Guard and the Autonomous University of Barcelona ( AUB ).


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