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  1. In 1979, Holsworth was voted a representative of the Conservation Council of Victoria ( now Environment Victoria ).
  2. In 1994, the organisation changed name to Environment Victoria to reflect the broader range of issues it now deals with.
  3. He has also campaigned for Environment Victoria, the Tenants'Union, and the Medical Association for Prevention of War.
  4. Conversely, support for the Murray Darling Basin plan has been received by various groups, including Australian Conservation Foundation, and Environment Victoria.
  5. At the same time, there was also support for the draft plan by various groups, including the Australian Conservation Foundation, and Environment Victoria.
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  7. Many such plans have come under fire from community groups such as the Public Transport Users Association and Environment Victoria advocating investment in alternative forms of transport.
  8. In 1985 he was responsible for editing, design and layout of " Environment Victoria ", the magazine of the Conservation Council of Victoria, now Environment Victoria.
  9. In 1985 he was responsible for editing, design and layout of " Environment Victoria ", the magazine of the Conservation Council of Victoria, now Environment Victoria.
  10. Environment Victoria, Greenpeace and Australian Conservation Foundation opposed the development approvals, while business groups such as Minerals Council of Australia, VECCI, Aust Industry Group and Institute of Public Affairs welcomed the Government's decision.
  11. Environment Victoria has pushed for alternative baseload generation through : biomass energy, wave energy, geothermal energy, new combined cycle gas fired generation plants, new cogeneration facilities, or increased imports of baseload electricity from interstate.
  12. "' Environment Victoria "', formerly the "'Conservation Council of Victoria "', is an Australian not-for-profit, charitable group and Victoria's peak non-government environment organisation.
  13. In January 2005, the Clean Energy Future Group together with Environment Victoria released the report " " Toward Victoria's Clean Energy Future " ", a plan to cut Victoria's Greenhouse gas emissions from electricity by 2010.
  14. Environment Victoria list the Walk Against Warming, the successful campaign to put a price on pollution in Australia and the federal government's decision to withdraw funding from HRL's proposed coal-fired power station in 2012 among their successes.
  15. However, the tenders led to substantial criticism from several environmental groups, such as Environment Victoria, who argued that it could " wipe out all of the savings " achieved in the Greenhouse Strategy, and pushed for a complete ban on new brown coal facilities.
  16. Organisations and community groups involved include; Friends of the Earth, Beyond Zero Emissions, Climate Emergency Network, Sustainable Living Foundation, Transition Network, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Yarra Climate Action Now, Darebin Climate Action Now, Climate Action Moreland, Sustainable Living Tasmania, Environment Victoria, Alternative Technology Association and 100 % Renewable campaign.
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