environment-friendly products造句

"environment-friendly products"是什麽意思   


  1. Our environment - friendly products are top products in the market also in compliance with us osha regulations
  2. Has engaged in manufacturing environment - friendly products about two decades of years and has strong competitiveness in the market
  3. Lacquerware taking biological materials and natural lacquer as main materials , is a kind of natural environment - friendly product whose materials are natural and can be unceassingly regenerated ,
  4. Botanica international s products tap into a growing awareness of the advantages to natural - ingredient and environment - friendly products among thoughtful consumers and producers in china
  5. Being one of the top chain - enterprises in this industry , the company can supply non - poisonous and environment - friendly products in wholesale and provide marketing promotion service like alliance - training
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  7. It includes miniaturizing and minimizing experiments , integrating individual experiments and making the best use of reactants , adopting new experiment methods , and propagating and using environment - friendly products . 4
  8. Where there is challenge , there is opportunity . relying on progress in technology , innovation in management and strong comprehensive strength , the company has maintained a strong position in the environment - friendly product market all the way
  9. Our company owns technology - leading polymer equipment with sophisticated testing instruments to ensure product quality , which makes it is possible for us to realize our commitment of developing more environment - friendly products with " high quality and reasonable price " as well as providing high quality services


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